For Parents

Are you worried (or even scared) about the way your child is eating?

I can help.

The fact is, you have reason for concern if your child, teenager, or young adult shows the danger signs of an eating disorder:

  • She tells you she isn’t hungry at meal times.
  • If he does eat, it’s in unusually small portions. (Seems very picky.)
  • She gets full too quickly and refuses to eat more.
  • Or his eating is so “healthy” that it seems unhealthy to you.
  • She eats the same foods over and over with little variety or flexibility

To make matters worse, it’s become a touchy subject that’s causing family tension and fights, right?

If any of this sounds familiar, let’s talk.

I use the proven Family Based Therapy derived from the Maudsley Approach. That means, during therapy sessions, you get the tools and skills you need to ensure that your loved can overcome disordered eating.

Let me empower you as a parent to create solutions to eating problems that are a win for your child, too.

Your child, teenager, or young adult also gets a custom strategy for success, plus my support each step of the way.

Throughout the process of recovery, he or she will come to see that normal eating patterns are the best possible choice for a healthy, happy life.

PS: Ask me about my parent support group.