For Patients

Normal Eating Without Guilt IS Possible

Do you struggle with your eating every single day? If so, I can bring you through a proven nutrition therapy process to achieve normal eating so you can finally enjoy food without feeling guilty.

You’re probably tired of being hounded by thoughts such as:

  • Why am I always thinking about food?
  • Why am I so obsessed about my weight?
  • Why can’t I eat like normal people do?

Your struggle is real and I can guide you through recovery to get you eating normally.

Is This You? (Self-Assessment)

How do you know you need professional help? Do the self-assessment below now to find out.

  • Are you often cold, tired or dizzy?
  • Do you get leg cramps? Headaches?
  • Do you get tingling or numbness in your hands and feet?
  • Do you ever get heartburn or chest pain?
  • Do you get heart palpitations? (Fast, strong or irregular heartbeats)
  • Do you get spots in your vision or ringing in your ears?
  • Are you often irritable?
  • Have you withdrawn from other people?
  • Do you feel anxious or depressed?
  • Do you have difficulty concentrating?