"Without a doubt, my time with you was the most beneficial and influential in guiding me toward recovery."

"Thank you for being such a wonderful person and having such a caring heart."

"I listen to what you tell me. I would have died if I hadn't found you."

"Thank you for helping my daughter grow into a healthy and confident young woman. We're glad that she had you to navigate the journey to recovery."

"Thank you again for all of your help. The work that you do is wonderful and it really changed my life!"

"I really appreciate all the hours you have spent helping me. I have really grown and changed since I started seeing you and I really don't know where I would be if it weren't for you! I'm so grateful to have you in my life."

"I know I would be in big trouble without you. Thank you for your support and guidance and thank you for caring."

Gentle with patients, firm with their EDs

I worked with Daryl for 7 months to manage my anorexia nervosa, and I couldn't have asked for a better dietician. Daryl was there for me every step of the way, meeting with me weekly at first and then monthly as I progressed in my recovery. She was always flexible with scheduling and accommodating any changes to my treatment plan. Daryl provided me with practical advice for safely moving away from restrive eating, to a meal plan, and then towards intuitive eating. She was compassionate and understanding throughout my treatment, and made me feel comfortable discussing difficult topics. I was impressed by how she worked to expand her knowledge regarding unique aspects of my situation and ED, such as my trans status. I'm happy to say that thanks to her friendly manner and practical, evidence-based approach, there's no trace of my ED left in my life. I would highly recommend Daryl to anyone struggling with a similar issue. Thank you, Daryl, for being gentle with me and firm with my ED.
May 14, 2023
I worked with Daryl for 6 months on eating disorder recovery and can truly say that working with her changed my quality of life. Daryl helped me to allow myself permission to eat enough, to eat all foods, and to view foods with neutrality. She is smart and up to date with all new concepts in the ED recovery field. I no longer binge, food doesn’t feel as emotionally charged as it once did, and I eat regular meals and snacks. I highly recommend working with Daryl for anyone who is on a journey to gain more peace with food.
Nov 16, 2021
I know with all my heart that I wouldn’t be where I am today without Daryl, and all that she’s done for me. Therapy groups didn’t work for me, and ONLY Daryl was able to support and guide me out of my eating problems. For example, Daryl was always available to help and talk to me, any time and day. This not only shows her dedication to her work, but the care she has for her clients. I would share my thoughts, and every time she met me with kindness and support on how to improve. Daryl was able to encourage me in a way that most therapists/groups wasn’t able to. Since having my life changed from Daryl, I got myself through family transitions, changed my relationships, graduated college, gained new relationships, and have newfound confidence and coping skills. None of this would have been possible for me without Daryl, and the confidence she helped me to build. I finally know I am capable of amazing things because of her.
Aug 03, 2021
Daryl helped me recover from eating disorder within 6 months! I’m so happy I could enjoy foods that I like without any worries. She’s so kind and patient, and knowledgeable! I just feel comfortable to talk to her. When I encountered schedule changes due to my job, she’s been flexible and trying her best to make our appointment work. Highly recommended!
Jun 16, 2021
Dr. Daryl Smith-Oswald’s approach to eating disorders worked so much better than all the other professionals we tried! She was Much more compatible with my tough, independent daughter’s thought processing . She helped her finally defeat this - and most importantly did no harm while doing it! Also, she really worked with us above and beyond to get it covered by our insurance!
Jun 13, 2021